Are the nails modify?

No, the nails are no modify for a reason.  They fit according to your hand size.  You must have your hand size set to a corresponding nail size in order for them to fit correctly.  Attempting to ‘adjust’ the nails will only result in them NEVER fitting correctly and you will need a new set.

Why do you refund my money when I attempt to purchase a design? (NO HUD MESSAGE)

If you are recieving this message “….(NO HUD)”
The following two reasons.
1.  You need to purchase a HUD prior to buying the nail art designs.

2.  You need to ‘register’ your HUD.  To do this – simply LEFT click the vendor you wish to purchase from PRIOR to purchasing.  The design located in the center of the vendor is the design you are purchasing.

Once you purchase – the design will upload to your HUD automatically – use the UP and DOWN arrows on your HUD to cycle through the designs.

How can I purchase a set as a gift?

You can look on xstreet to see if that design is offered.  If not – please send me a notecard with the person’s name, design you wish to gift, and the correct amount and I will send it to them.

I wear a ring – and when I attach the nails, my ring comes off.

The Second Life Viewer only allows for one attachment point for hands.  The attachment point for the fingernails are hands.  The attachment point CANNOT be moved! 

If your wedding band/ engagement ring is of the permission MODIFY and TRANSFER- please see our Main Shop and click on “Ring/Nail Combo” for  information on our service to attach your ring to our nails.

Studio Nails does not currently sell Prim Fingernails with Rings.  We feel there are many talented jewelry designers in SL already and do not want to change what you already enjoy – we merely want to enhance.

I bought the HUD and one style of nails – but I want the other style – do I need to purchase another HUD?

No.  Please see the HUD display at the mainstore.  All styles of nails (Long Round, Long Square, Original Square, Original Round) can be purchased separately. 

All nail styles are sold in 6 hand sizes (5,10,15,20,25,30) and all Nail Styles will work without needing another HUD.


All Studio Nails products are sold NO Transfer!  For this reason, I cannot offer a refund.  Please purchase a demo set (available at most locations for L$0).  The demo set is only hand size 20.  So please make sure your hand size is set to 20 prior to wearing the nails – otherwise they will look as if they do not fit right.

I have a question not answered here!

No Problem.  I am always available to answer any questions you may have.  Chances are someone else has the same question and just did not ask 😉  Please send me a notecard in world and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

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